How it started…

Hi, my name is Dawn and I founded the company in February 2012.

For the 13 years prior to this I had worked in a range of education and childcare settings, ranging from playgroups, mainstream schools & autism bases. I had worked as an NVQ assessor and owned a childminding business.

During this time, I have also studied many additional courses and done a lot of reading on dyslexia. It is the techniques I have picked up as a student, working in such a variety of settings, as an educator and from the theory learnt in the various courses that I use to create techniques for supporting people’s learning now.

Because of my background, I am inclined to shy away from the repetitive use of worksheets and instead use of a range of hands on kinaesthetic activities, including games. This is largely because I believe if you are enjoying yourself you will relax. If you relax you are in a better mind-set to learn. Further to this if you are enjoying yourself you are more likely to want to participate and that is a huge part of the challenge to overcome.

I set the business up after my marriage collapsed. I took a job at a local optician so that I could pay the rent. I didn’t enjoy it (though I loved the people there) and wanted to do something which offered the variety and creativity that working with children had offered.

I returned to college to do a qualification that would allow me to teach adults in a classroom situation. Whilst there, a friend suggested I should have a go at tutoring.

My original thoughts were that it would offer an additional income to complement my other job. However, after 6 months, Starr Tutoring, as it was then called became my fulltime focus.

The business was built on 2 questions:

What would I expect from a tutor as a parent?

What would the best tutor in the world do?

This has always been our focus as we’ve travelled from the business being just me, to a small team of amazing tutors and now in 2019 we have changed our name to Clara James Tutoring (Clara is my

oldest daughter, Jamie is my lad. The logo is an angel as that is the name of my youngest daughter) as we step forward into the world of franchising and are set to grow into the number 1 tutoring organisation in the UK.

The lessons Starr Tutoring provide are aimed to be professional but also fun and beneficial to the child, with a wide range of resources used to support learning in every lesson.

If you want more details about how we can support you or your child with maths or English, do get in touch.

Likewise, if you want more details about the Clara James Tutoring Franchise opportunities, get in touch today.

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