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Are you looking to find a way to boost your child's confidence in their Mathematics & English?

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1-to-1 Tutoring

Either online (Just £35/hour) or we can travel to you so that you can remain in the comfort of your home (just £50/hour), every lesson is tailored to the needs of your individual child.

The Membership Group

Access to resources and the bonus of a community, and a monthly Q&A would be beneficial, this is the place for you. With no contract so you can leave at any time, the membership group is just £9.47 month!

Books and Short Courses

Do you want to learn more about dyslexia, supporting times tables, getting through the daily battle of the homework, these books and short courses will be for you


We are all individual, so the support you need will be unique to you.

For many people a tutor is the help they require right now. Someone who can come in and give their child the support they need to boost both their confidence in Mathematics & English. For others, that wouldn't be the right choice right now.

I learned a long time ago, that each and every one of us in different. Even siblings with the same influences at home, the same experiences, are still completely individual to each other.

As a mum of 3, I will happily provide testimony to that!

But I also believe that every person who gets in touch deserves the very best help that I can offer them.

I promise I will always do my very best. If a tutor isn't right for you, I completely understand, yet if we can help you in some other way, whether it's just an informal chat, a short course, or the membership group, we are here to help.

Tailor-made lessons

We are all individuals. We all have different learning styles; we all have different starting places and end goals.

Because every lesson is 1-to-1 it means we can tailor make it to the needs of your child. We can acknowledge their learning styles, their personal strengths and weaknesses, we can work with them to achieve the best of their potential, boosting both their knowledge and their confidence.

In the comfort of your home or online.

Lessons will take place at the place most convenient for you.

Prior to lockdown every lesson took place face-to-face in the child's home. I was a huge advocate for the idea that if the child was in an environment where they felt comfortable, they would be in a far better position to learn.

Then Covid happened...

That meant that we had to move all our lessons online, and it turned out that some people actually preferred it.

So, since then we have gone on and offered a two-tier approach. We can either offer you lessons in your home, or online, whichever is better for you.

If you're not ready for a tutor, maybe you'll get the help you need in the Clara James Approach

The home of many varied, fun, resources for you to use at home with your child to support both their Mathematics and English.

I am so excited to tell you about this. (Normally my emotions are relatively insipid, but this is something I am incredibly excited about.)

With so much disruption in children's education over the past couple of years, ever increasing class sizes, and changing life styles, more and more people have decided to try and educate their own children. To complement school or as an alternative to school. Some have sought outside help; others have battled on alone.

Would it be easier to find inspiration if the work is presented in a way that was creative and fun?

If so, the Clara James Approach is for you.

The Books and Short Courses

Whether you're looking for inspiration, information, or revision support, these will hopefully give you what you need.

So many parents buy revision books for their children which then just sit on the bookcase never to be seen again (or at least not until exams are over and they are passed on to friends, the charity shop, or Facebook marketplace...).

I wanted to create something different, so we are now at the beginning of a journey to create a range of books which contain a 'how to' complimented by a range of activities to consolidate that learning. They are far more interactive than a traditional workbook and will hopefully provide a lot more support for those who are not inspired by a traditional textbook.

At the moment the books can be found on Amazon.

We also have a range of short courses (coming soon) aimed at supporting the parents of learners and the students themselves.


Let's Hear What My Clients Say About Our Services

E*** had a good parents evening on Tuesday. Was very funny when her maths teacher was saying "E*** you're suddenly doing so much better - do you have any idea why?" and she was muttering "Dawn" under her breath

A parent of a child we tutor GCSE Maths

WOW! You guys are awesome!

Some of the post in the Franchise like a Boss Facebook group today have blown me away. I even got quite emotional about the difference I could see that is going to be made to so many through the clarity and picture that Dawn from Clara James Tutoring painted about the future vision she has for her brand.

Congratulations to all that have completed Day 1 already.

Jo on the Franchise Like a boss challenge

Dawn was fantastic with my son. She gave him so much confidence with his Maths leading to him passing his GCSE with flying colors. Very pleased we found her and would 100% recommend her to anyone else.



If you have any questions, please do ask and I will always do my best to help.

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