The smallest details have been amongst our biggest priorities since we founded Clara James back in 2012.

Back in the very early days of the business, a friend and I brainstormed what we would expect from a tutor for our children. This mixed in with common sense and what I had learned over the previous 10+ years of working in education and childcare and many of the little things seemed self-explanatory.

The other day I was listening to Steven Bartlett’s “Happy Sexy Millionaire”, and he spoke about hidden PR. He told the story of how when someone in the office cut their finger, someone else got up and dashed straight to the local shop to buy some plasters. The person who did this never mentioned it to him, but still the story got back to him and the impression this made of her was lasting.

Again, getting a plaster for someone seems insignificant. But it is those little details that make such a difference.

It’s like if you are tutoring in someone else’s home, take your shoes off as you enter.

Online or offline, smile. Be polite. Your bad day isn’t their problem. Smile and your day will often feel better anyway.

Stay off your phone in a lesson (unless it’s an emergency). Scrolling through social media during their lesson time really doesn’t give a professional image or inspire them to recommend you forward.

There are so many insignificant details that make such a huge difference. I could go on for days. Sometimes you will be influenced by the actions of what others have or haven’t done.

We used to have a window cleaner at mum’s.

He was arrogant and my opinion of him was low.

Mum has always had dogs, when the kids were little, they used to call her nanny and dog. One day, coming back from a lesson to mums the gate was open. The window cleaner had clearly just left as the path, doors, windows were still wet. I closed the gate behind me and went in. As he returned about 10 minutes later to put the invoice through the door, I went out and asked him to shut the gate in future please in case the dog got out.

His response was: “well, it’s closed now.”

I pointed out that this was because I had closed it when I came in. He then pointed out that he had only been away for a matter of minutes, and he would have closed it when he left. His next point was that it was never open in the first place…

I know in your mind the customer may not always be right. But the customer pays your bills. So, offer a genuine apology and close the conversation. Don’t stand there and argue your point, getting the customer more and more irate with you!

Needless to say, soon after that contract ended, and a new window cleaner was found.

It’s petty, I agree but it’s often these little petty details that can make you stand out for all the right or wrong reasons.

There’s a saying, something along the lines of don’t sweat the small stuff.

But sometimes in business, it is the smallest things you need to give the biggest considerations to because they can make or break you.

If you are thinking of starting or growing your own tutoring business, why not get in touch [email protected] and we can arrange a call to give you some pointers and see if we can help.

Remember, your big success, could be in the smallest details!

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