This morning as I was on the way to a lesson, I was listening to an audio book, and he was talking about writing a clear mission statement. For tutoring it has been “boosting confidence and maths & English through a variety of resources which are tailor made to the individual’s needs” for a long time. It’s a bit of a mouth full, but I think it summarises what we do clearly and concisely.

Whilst he was talking it struck me that I needed one for the Clara James Tutor’s Group and I came up with: “helping you to build a successful tutoring business one step at a time”.

What do you think?

Yesterday I put the new student form/questions into the resources of the group. This week I will complete the bonus “writing a profile to help you find new students and stand out from other tutors” resource.


Here’s the overview if you’re interested:

Write a profile to stand out as a tutor: Course overview

This unit is deliberately kept short so that you don’t feel you’re going to need to dedicate a large amount of time to it and consequently keep putting it off.

The goal is to get it done. Get it implemented and make an impact on those people who are looking for a tutor.

I would love to read your profile once it’s written, so why not pop it over in the Facebook group so we can inspire each other. If anyone is looking for a tutor in the subject that you support, we will know more about you and possibly be able to recommend you to others that we aren’t able to help ourselves.

Why is this important?

So many profiles read the same. Hi, my name is xxxx. I have a degree from xxxx and I have been tutoring for xxx years.

It makes them dull and uninspiring. More importantly, if someone is looking for a tutor, it doesn’t explain to them how you can help. As Tony Robbins (I believe) states people aren’t looking for the hammer they are looking the power to hang a picture on the wall. That’s not the exact quote but the gist is that people are looking for the final result. They want to know that you can help them to achieve this.

This is your opportunity to, metaphorically speaking, stop people from walking straight past and instead stop and listen to what you have to say.

This is your chance to stand out.

Telling stories – the power in this

This is an email I sent out recently:

Let me tell you a story.

It might be a story that started years ago, a story that is grounded upon a strong belief or series of events.

I think you probably know my story. I have told it many, many times.

The story of how I thought Clara was dyslexic and the school dismissed the idea as laziness. How I lacked the confidence to fight my corner so I learned as much as I could so that I could help her myself.

This was the beginning of a journey that has led me to building a successful tutoring business that I am proud of and now starting a new journey that focuses on supporting others in building their own successful businesses.

What is the story that you tell parents when they ring and ask about tutoring? It might be a story about how your personal circumstances led you to building the business. It could be that you relate to the values of another tutoring business, so you joined them as an employee or a franchisee.

Either way you have a story. Who doesn’t love a story?

Most people will stop and listen if you tell them a story. But if you listed a set of facts about how you do things and why, you will find it far harder to find students.


Because those who get in touch will find it far harder to relate to you.

What is your goal? I hope it is support those who have an interest/ are struggling in the subject that you support. Support them so that they can learn, grow, improve.

Your story will explain this, your passion, your beliefs.

When you write your profile as a tutor or someone gets in touch, what does it say? Does it tell a story? Does it inspire people to want to learn more?

Who do you want to tutor?

This is key as once you know who you want to tutor you can create a profile that relates to that individual person

How are you going to help them to learn?

Think of the resources that you are going to use.

Why? Because once you know this you can start to consider how you can support that student in reaching their goals and achieving their dreams.

Making yourself credible

Now we are going to think about your experience, in work, in life, in education. More importantly how can you use these experiences to support their child. How will it be of benefit to them?

Create a call to action

You’ve convinced them that you understand the problems they are having, and you appear to know how to help. What do you need them to do next?

Writing your profile

Now is the time to take the notes from each section and draft it to create the profile you are proud of. The profile that tells others about you, but more importantly how you can help them.

Tell a story but be honest and tell it from the heart. Say what is genuine to you. Because there is someone out there looking for the tutoring that you provide.

The biggest gift we all have is the understanding that you are an individual and no one can do what you do, the way you do it. With your attitude, your passion.

Once you’ve written your profile, I’d love to see it. So why not share it with us all so that we can inspire and celebrate each other.

Our next Q&A will be on Tuesday 26th October at 11am UK time if you want to join us?

You can join us in the Clara James Tutor’s Group HERE and get the first 3 months FREE

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