Why purchase a franchise? Most people, when they consider becoming a tutor, either have a background in education or a business background. It’s very unusual for someone to have both. If you have an educational background, that’s great in the respect that you will know how to structure a lesson, create and use appropriate resources, boost the child’s confidence in that specific area, et cetera. But actually growing a successful business will be your weakness, and vice versa.

When I first started Clara James Tutoring eight years ago, my background was in education. It’s taken eight years of mentors, studying courses, reading, to name but a few things, to get the business to where it is today. And that’s one of the things if you buy into a franchise, any franchise, that you are in effect taking the shortcuts. You’re missing out or cutting out the mistakes, the expenses, that the original founder inevitably came across.

So for example, when I first started the business and I created my first website, I had many salesmen get in touch offering the business to be promoted on the first front page of Google. And what I hadn’t realized when they were offering this was that the advert would just be shown to anyone. It wasn’t niche at all. It was literally just shown to hundreds of thousands of people, but it may be that only one or two of those people had any actual interest in looking for a tutor.

Whereas in the last eight years, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about Facebook ads rather than just boosting a Facebook post or creating Google ads, which is more of a pay-per-click approach. And what happens there is that when someone is looking for a tutor and they type them into the Google search bar “tutors” in whatever your local town is, Google will show them your website and your details rather than it just being shown to everyone and anyone, and you will only then pay for it when people actually look at your adverts. If I’d known that from the start, I would have saved an awful lot of money and there’s been other numerous mistakes I’ve made along the way.

But like I say, by buying into a franchise, you would be taking a shortcut. You would have someone else’s knowledge base to be able to dive into. You would have someone there to hold your hand and support you. Another example is when I first started teaching, I used to go to a family and I was worried that the child was possibly being neglected, but working by myself, I didn’t know who to turn to for support. And again, if you belong to a franchise or a bigger organization, there will be people that you can turn to for help. And I think that’s one of the key things. And so if you do decide to become a tutor, consider joining a franchise, or at the very least, make sure you get some mentors so that there is someone there to guide you, answer your questions, keep you accountable and ensure the business flows from strength to strength.

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