Who uses tutors?


A wide range of people use tutors these days.

With class sizes growing and the curriculum getting harder many parents don’t feel capable of helping their child.

More parents are also home schooling and seeking support in the key subjects, or subjects where they don’t feel confident to support the child themselves.

Sometimes it will be to help the child with their homework or to reiterate what they have been learning in class.



People will seek the support of a tutor for a wide variety of reasons.


The youngest child I have worked with was five. He needed the support of a tutor because he is recognised as being on the Autistic Spectrum. The oldest people I have worked with are adults returning to education and need to get the equivalent of their GCSE maths or English before they can achieve this.


During the past eight years that I’ve been running the tutoring business we have worked with a wide range of people.


One of the first lads I worked with was a lad in year 5 who needed support with growing his vocabulary. I stayed with him until he completed his GCSE’s last year.

There have been numerous children over the years who have needed support because of a specific learning difficulty.


One lad was considered for a dyslexic diagnosis, but his parents wanted to avoid that if possible.


They felt with additional support from themselves, the school (he was in a private school with very small class sizes) and additional tutors they would be able to build his confidence and ability to avoid the diagnosis. Last year, he passed the entrance exams to one of the top schools in the country.

Some parents seek the support of a tutor because their child is lacking confidence in their ability

which is having a detrimental effect on their classwork. Often their primary focus is raising their child’s confidence and self-belief.


Some parents seek out a tutor as they don’t feel their child is working to their full potential. The hope is that with some extra guidance they will be able to push their grades up to where they want it to be.


Some parents will seek tutors to help their child complete the University Entrance requirements.


I have worked with those whose parents are multi-millionaires, I have worked in households where the families are financially struggling. The majority are somewhere in between.


Who uses tutors? 1 in 4 families apparently and for many, many reasons.


If you’re not sure whether you need a tutor, email me at [email protected] and we arrange to have an informal chat to establish if a tutor is the right route for you and if so, what type of tutor will suit you best.

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