Who can be a tutor?

In the UK at this moment in time there are no legal requirements over who can be a tutor. Consequently, tutoring takes many forms and is a business created by a wide variety of people.

Student tutors:

Students often tutor to help subside their student lifestyle. They generally have a good knowledge of the syllabus having recently completed it recently. They can also be empathetic to the needs of the student they are supporting and can provide revision techniques that they have found beneficial themselves.

Some companies employ students as tutors as that way they can charge the families less. This is quite common in tuition centres.

I have had some great student tutors working for me in the past and one in particular gained a lot of work through referrals.


Many parents who get in touch are looking for qualified teachers to tutor their children. They know the curriculum inside out and they have qualified to a high level to give them the ability to teach.

If you are a teacher and you are looking to get a way from the bureaucracy of working in schools and get back to focusing on working with the children rather than the paperwork, you will have a great foundation that many parents are looking for.

Teaching Assistants and other classroom staff

Since finding tutors to work with me, I have found that these are the people who make the best tutors (from my experience). They know the curriculum and they have experience of working one to one and adapting resources and explanations so that it makes sense to the individual they are working with.


This past year has taught us that many parents don’t enjoy home schooling their children. Others have embraced it and found they love it. It’s rewarding, and creative. Parents can empathise with the child having children of a similar age and with the parents. They also have a reasonable knowledge of the curriculum from an awareness of what their own children are doing.


Academics have great subject knowledge and providing they also have the ability to share the information. Working with higher level/ older students here is often advantageous and where their talents are best presented.

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