What should I pay for a tutor?

This is a very hard question to answer as you realise from reading the following pages that what tutors offer, their experience and techniques vary so dramatically.

There will always be tutors who charge a very low price and you may look at them and think they can’t be up to much!

There will always be tutors whose prices you look at and think they are overpriced.

However, before you decide look to see what each of these tutors are offering.

Where will the lessons take place: online, in their home, in a tutoring centre or in your home? A tutor who has the extra expense of travelling to the student will charge more than an online tutor.

Some tutors will travel with you abroad so that your child can continue with their education whilst you away.

A tutor that offers group lessons will again be a more economical option than a tutor who teaches one to one.

What experience and knowledge do they have, does your child have some form of learning difficulty?


Do you need a tutor who can adapt to your child’s needs? May be its because your child needs stimulating because they are working at a higher level than their peers that you are looking for a tutor. A tutor who does have the experience and the flexibility may charge more than a tutor who is another student themselves.

What techniques does the tutor use?

Do they specialise in conversation, worksheets, games, textbooks, a combination of all these things as well as other things? Which of these techniques are best suited to your child’s learning style?

Does the tutor do an initial assessment? What form does this take?

Do they offer a free trial lesson or are they willing to pop around and meet you before the first lesson?

Do they have feedback from other students that they can share with you?

Do they come recommended by others?


When you ready their profile do you form a good feeling or does your gut tell you to run a mile?

There are so many questions to ask and sometimes the responses you find to these questions will influence whether you decide to find the most affordable tutor in your area or whether you can find the money to stretch the budget and look at another option. Having said that it could be the cheapest tutor is the one who best fits what it is you are looking for.

Over the coming pages we will look at these questions. Hopefully by the end of this e-book you will be in a position that you feel confident in who you are looking for as a tutor.

I have tried to write it from an objective viewpoint as this is not written with the intention of promoting Clara James Tutoring, it is intended to be an impartial article that can help you make an purposeful decision.

I hope you find it helpful.

If you want an impartial conversation, please do get in touch:

[email protected] and we promise to do our very best to help

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