The resources available to tutors are endless.

Since I started Clara James Tutoring back in 2012, there have been a few sites that I make regular use off.

Teachit: Maths, English and Primary. Many of the resources on these sites are available for free.

TES: another resource providing numerous resources predominately for free.

Then there are sites such as Edexcel where you can download free exam papers or Corbett maths where you can download exam style questions specifically associated to a particular subject.

Having said that, we make many of our own resources. Some are inspired by games I used to play with my own children when they were young or working in various educational and childcare settings since I started on this journey in 2000 when Angel, my youngest was just a young baby. Or the many, many training courses I have completed along the way.

Others are inspired by ideas given to me by those that I work with.

Years ago, I used to work with a lad. The goal initially was to expand his vocabulary. We would use a bag of scrabble letters. Taking half each, the goal was to use every letter to create words. No abbreviations, no names, and a minimum of three letters.

He suggested taking these letters and using them to create anagrams of the grammatical terminology he had to learn. Looking at the list, chose a word but don’t tell the other person which word you have chosen. Find the letters that spell out that word. Shake them and pass them to the other person. Their goal is to rearrange the letters and try to work out the term.

I am a firm believer that the resources we use should be varied so that we are providing the child with a range of memories, making it easier for them to recall the information when needed.

(This is something I can talk about for ages, and you will probably see it mentioned in many of the things I write about).

In a recent email I spoke about my goals and the idea of possibly starting a membership group.

That idea coincided with reading a book which promotes the theory that if you have an idea go for it. Even if it only helps one person, surely that is something to celebrate.

So, come the 12th September, 2021 we will be opening The Clara James Tutor’s Group.

  • Each month we will provide a piece of training to support you in growing your tutoring business.
  • There will be a Facebook group where you can talk to and involve yourself with others who are on a similar journey to yourself, involved in the same work that you are. Share ideas, support, and inspiration. Knowing that if we work together, we will all achieve our goals so much quicker.
  • Finally, a monthly co-working call where we will work alongside each other on our businesses. This will coincide with a Q&A, giving you the opportunity to get any questions that you have, answered.

The group will obviously be free for all Brand Associates and Franchisees.

For others, if you sign up before the group goes live, you can join us for just £9.75/ month, and this will remain fixed for as long as you stay in the group.

 If you join us as a founding member after that date, membership will be available for £17/month.

Join the founding members list now. Click here

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