I was recently asked if I have looked to see what other tutoring companies and franchises offer.

Having done so when I set about doing my due diligence for franchising Clara James Tutoring it made me more concerned than ever, that we became a success.

We are different and sometimes it is important to be different.

There to seem to be two preferred routes to creating a tutoring franchise.

  1. The first one, and easiest one to replicate is the one style suits all approach. The franchisor creates worksheets that the franchisee has access to. These are then passed on the student to work their way through.

This is easy to create into a basic system that can be replicated by hundreds of franchisees.

The franchisee is not required to have an educational background and so is accessible to many.

This style of teaching is reliant upon the child having confidence in reading the worksheet. Understanding the work in the form that it is presented and learning from generic worksheets. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case for children who have some form of learning difficulty. Those who need the support more than almost any other child.

Other tutoring companies occasionally work more as an agency.

They will find the work and then find a tutor who is able to fulfil the needs of the family.

Again, the franchisee doesn’t need any educational experience as their role is as salesman and go between for the family and the company.

When I was carrying out the due diligence for Clara James I got in touch with several other tutoring companies and franchises about what they were offering.

One of these franchises seemed to think I was looking for a job as a tutor. He invited me to go along to meet a family with him.

The lad whose family we went to meet, was at primary school and because of his autism was struggling in a mainstream class. He had consequently thrown a chair at a teacher and been suspended. The family needed support for the child whilst he was out of the school environment.

I spoke to the family about some of the activities I would recommend using to support their child that would include embracing his personal obsessions and his struggles to sit still. The franchisee sat in silence. At the end he told them that if they completed the form and paid a deposit, he would find a tutor to support them.

I don’t think the reason for his silence was down to my offering suggestions,

I genuinely think it was a lack of knowledge in the educational field.

That’s why we are different, and I want to keep us different from other franchises. We do care. We take the time to learn and develop our knowledge about different learning difficulties and styles so that we can help families and offer them advice regardless of whether we tutor the family personally or we will request one of our tutors who is equally knowledgeable to provide the support for the family.

I appreciate that our approach will not appeal to many people who are looking to start a tutoring franchise. That is fine as the decisions we make, that is what makes us individual and that individuality is what we aim to embrace.

If you are interested in finding out more, CLICK HERE

and I look forward to speaking soon

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