What do tutors do?

Tutors take many different forms and offer many different services.

I will try and offer as honest an answer as to what tutors do in the coming paragraphs.

Homework help

In answer to what tutors do, they often provide help with homework

Many tutors take on the role of supporting homework. They do little or no preparation as they are principally employed to ensure the child understands and completes the work that they are set in the classroom for homework. When a child is unsure of something, they will recommend that the child spends time researching how to solve issues like this.

Support learning

Some tutors will work with your child at a deeper level and support their understanding and knowledge rather than just supporting their homework

Other tutors take on a deeper role. They can help to review and clarify what the student has learned in the classroom or textbooks.

They can offer support on how to get started on assignments and offer them suggestions on structure, grammar, and presentation.

Offer an alternative explanation so that something will make more sense. Sometimes presenting something from a different perspective will provide that Eureka moment.

Support learning difficulties

Some tutors are able to support those who experience a difficulty in learning

Some tutors have a knowledge about supporting learning difficulties. They are less likely to follow the curriculum and instead work at a pace which suits at the student.

They will commonly use a wider range of resources which cover a broader range of learning styles. These resources will commonly be specific to the difficulty experienced by that individual child.

When you speak to a tutor initially ask:

Looking for a tutor, these could be some key questions to ask before you get started
  • What form do their lessons take?
  • Are they able to explain things that the student is unfamiliar with?
  • What kind of resources do they use?
  • What do you need to provide?
  • Are they willing to help with homework?
  • Do they have any special needs knowledge?
  • Do they have an educational background?
  • Where do the lessons take place?
  • What do they charge?
  • How long does a lesson last?

Find out as much as you can up front so that you can be sure that this tutor is able to offer what you were expecting from a tutor.

About the author:

Dawn Strachan started Clara James Tutoring in 2012. With no experience in running a tutoring business she took her experience from working for 12 years in education (specifically with early years and special needs children) and her own experience as a parent and asked what would the best tutor in the world do?

This was the formations of the Clara James Tutoring Franchise. Inevitably there have been bumps and curves along the way, but each year the company works hard on growing a reputation for excellence and in part has achieved this through nominations for finalists in National Entrepreneurial Awards in 3 consecutive years.

This attitude is what is taking the company from strength to strength with the goal of being the “Go To” tutoring business for those who genuinely care and believe learning doesn’t have a one style suits all solution

If you want more information about getting involved as a Clara James Brand Associate or Franchisee, email us at [email protected]

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