Should you promote your tutoring business on Linkedin?

This very much depends upon who you are striving to attract.

Have a think. Who do you want to tutor? Children or adults?

If it’s adults, are they wanting to learn to further their career or for leisure? If it’s children, you probably want to be appealing to their parents.

I would suggest that if it’s for leisure, you probably want to appeal to them when they are relaxed and not thinking about work. If this is the case, you might want to show up on places such as Facebook or Instagram.

The same is most likely the case if you are wanting to appeal to parents. Although they no doubt think of their children whilst they are at work, they may not be able to respond to any connections made.

However, if you are wanting to focus on adults who are wanting to further their work prospects or succeed in growing their own tutoring business, the more corporate outlook of Linkedin may work for you.

Over the past few months, I have found that Linkedin is increasing becoming a sales platform for people. The system seems to be, someone gets in touch with a message stating that they have seen your profile, thought it was interesting and would like to learn more about you and what you do. Would you like to connect?

The next step is, if you’re lucky they ask about you and bide their time until you ask about them. It would seem rude if you didn’t…

Hey presto!

Here comes the sales pitch…

Plan B, they just jump straight into the sales pitch. Maybe I’m cynical and I know that if you are looking for businesses to promote your tutoring business to, Linkedin is the right place.

Ensure that your profile not only talks about you and what you do, but also how that is going to assist them.

I had mine written for me by someone on Fiverr. I think it cost just over £100, but at the time it was written I felt it was worth the investment.

As with all platforms you will need to keep showing up and being present. Promote your business and how your tutoring services will be of benefit to them and their workplace and /or career progression.

Show up in the Linkedin groups and offer help and advice.

For most tutors though, my suspicions are other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram will be more relevant to you in growing your business.

If you are looking to start or grow your own tutoring business, on the 12th September, 2021 we will be opening The Clara James Tutor’s Group.

Each month we will provide a piece of training to support you in growing your tutoring business.

There will be a Facebook group where you can talk to and involve yourself with others who are on a similar journey to yourself, involved in the same work that you are. Share ideas, support, and inspiration. Knowing that if we work together, we will all achieve our goals so much quicker.

Finally, a monthly co-working call where we will work alongside each other on our businesses. This will coincide with a Q&A, giving you the opportunity to get any questions that you have, answered.

The group will obviously be free for all Brand Associates and Franchisees.

For others, if you sign up before the group goes live, you can join us for just £9.75/ month, and this will remain fixed for as long as you stay in the group.

If you join us as a founding member after that date, membership will be available for £17/month.

To join the lower price, founding members list, CLICK HERE

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