Tutoring activities and resources

Every tutor pretty much uses different activities.

Most will use worksheets and textbooks as these are easily accessible and are commonly recognised as a widespread learning resource.

If you are looking for a tutor, speak to them before you start about the variety of resources that they use. Perhaps ask to look at some examples and how these tutoring activities work in their lessons.

You may decide to get in touch with a tutoring franchise so that you can be confident that the activities and resources used are universal and consistent across the entire company.

At Clara James Tutoring we use a wide variety of tutoring activities because we believe that how we learn is individual to all of us. But these are five of my favourite tutoring activities that we use (they may be complimented with worksheets when necessary)

Snakes and ladders:

Varied learning materials

As you move around the board, each square will have a different maths question, word to define or spell, or to give a synonym for, etc.

Draw the description

When we are working on comprehension, the child will often read a descriptive paragraph. Instead of asking them to tell us about what they have read, we will often ask them to draw and label an image of what they have just seen. By doing this, we are providing them with both a visual image to help them recall the scene and also when they are revising the book, it is easier to find this amongst your revision notes, than it is another page of notes.


This has become a recent favourite when we can go into people’s homes.

There are many ways to adapt the game. On a basic level, the find motor skills required to play the game are beneficial in helping children with the skills needed for handwriting.

The first method I use is to have a word written on each brick.

Option 1 is once we have pulled the word from the tower, we need to copy it down in “our very best handwriting”. The second option is to use these words to create a story. So, on one occasion I had the words, October, Dinosaur, November (the tower fell very quickly on this occasion). So, my story simply consisted of the phrase: In October, Mr and Mrs November were happy to welcome into the world, their new baby dinosaur.

Another way the resource can be adapted is to write numbers on each block. As 2 bricks are pulled from the tower, you must multiply, add, subtract, these numbers together.

Word searches

Resources for tutoring

Again, this is a tutoring activity that can be adapted in many ways.

You may choose to carry it out to help with spellings. Somewhere within the word search are the words written at the bottom.

You may use it for antonyms (words with the opposite meanings) or synonyms (words with a similar meaning). A list of words is under the word search then the synonym or antonym is hidden within the word search.

You may give a definition under the word search with the term hidden somewhere within.

Again, if you have had a descriptive piece within a book, you may have to seek some of the key elements which were mentioned in that description.

The options are endless, but this will give you an idea.


ideas for tutoring maths or English

Noughts and Crosses

This is another tutoring activity that is very easy to adapt (and easy to create).

Simply draw the snakes and ladders grid: 2 vertical lines, crossed by 2 horizontal lines.

If you are using this for times tables practice, decide what number you are focusing on multiplying by, then write a number in each square of the board.

To claim your square, you need to multiply your focus number by the number written in the square.

The winner is the first person to get a row, diagonal, or horizontal of 3.

Why use more resources?

The idea behind using a variety of resources is that each time you do a new activity or resource you are creating a new memory.

The more memories you create the easier it is for your brain to recall the information it needs when appropriate.

This is something I have spoken about many times before, so I will not go into too much detail now.

If you are looking for a tutor that uses a variety of tutoring resources, we are here to help. I am always happy to answer any questions with no obligation:

[email protected] or 01296381665

Or if you are thinking about starting your own tutoring business independently or as a franchisee, do get in touch. Have no fear of obligations. I am always happy to help.

[email protected] or 01296381665

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