The 9 times table is one of my favourite times tables because there are so many tricks to help you to learn it.

9x trick number 1

The best known one is, when written down the units decrease by one each time and the tens increase by one.



9x trick number 2

But there is also the fact that if a number is devisable by 9 the digits that make it up will add together to make 9.


9x table fact

Examples of this are:

10 x 9= 90
9+0 =9
2×9= 18
1+8 = 9
12×9 = 108
1+0+8= 9

Then there’s this one and I think this is the cleverest trick of all:

9x tables trick

Hold your 2 hands out in front of you, palms down.


Imagine you want to work out what 3 times 9 is.


Put down the middle finger of your right hand.


Imagine all the fingers of the left of that middle finger are worth 10. All the fingers to the right are worth 1 (they’re your units).


That means to the left of my middle finger I have 20. To the right I have 7.
3 x9 = 27


It works for each of the questions in the 9 times table from 1 to 10.


Imagine I want to work out what 7×9 is.


Put the finger next to the thumb on your right hand down. (This is your 7th finger)


Everything to the left is once again worth 10. Everything to the right is worth 1 (a unit).


This time I have 6 tens and 3 units.


I can check this is right because 6+3 =9


I’ve found one of the best ways to teach the times tables is by using games. At Clara James Tutoring we use pairs games, snakes and ladders, fishing games (probably my favourite) bingo etc.

The repetition of playing the games helps to reinforce the times tables facts.

Games are also a great way to make learning fun and to help a child relax.

Everyone will learn better when they relax and are enjoying themselves as that is when the brain is more susceptible to learning.

If you want more ideas of games you could use to support your child, do pop across to the Clara James Approach

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For more suggestions on supporting your child with the 9x tables, pop across to our mini course on Udemy: Proven techniques for supporting the 9x tables

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