I’ve mentioned previously that I always send a weekly email to parents who get in touch about tutoring, to keep me at top of mind.

This is an extract from the one I have sent this morning:

I was working on a lad’s spellings yesterday.

Initially we played hangman, then we used the words to play the scrabble letters game. We basically choose a word but don’t tell the other person which word we’ve chosen. Then find the letters to spell the word.

Once found, give them a shake, and pass them to the other person. They need to rearrange the letters to try and work out what the correct word is. By physically moving the letters around it is creating a stronger sensory memory than just using pen and paper.

If I had known we were going to be looking at his spellings in advance we could have also played lily pads (tiddly winks – flick the counter onto the word, spell it, win it) and perhaps found those words within a word search.

I’d never have known that I could keep in touch so easily. I was told I could do this by a mentor I had previously. There are so many things I have been able to do by working with others. Learning and doing my best to improve.

Whether it’s me or someone else, please do find someone to support you in growing your business. As a team you can achieve so much more.


For now, we are putting the franchises on hold so that we can focus on growing the Brand Associate opportunities and the membership group. Here’s the link for the membership group if you are interested:


The Clara James Tutor’s Group

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