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Thursday’s Thoughts- All change!

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If the fear of change holding your business back?

Prior to lockdown one of our unique points was that we always travelled to the family. I felt if the child was in the comfort of their own home, they would be more relaxed and more susceptible to learn.
It also meant that it was one less journey, hurdle for the parents to try and get their child to a tutoring centre or the tutor’s home.

Then lockdown happened and we weren’t allowed to go out.

So, for a while the business did a complete 180 degree turn. Every lesson was carried out online.

Now things have very much evened out. We probably do just over 50% online.

Now J is home from finishing his masters he has got himself a job in a local hotel on a night to pay for his next travels.

It made sense to get him insured on my car as it would normally just be sat outside on a night.

Yesterday, I was very aware that we only had a small amount of petrol left. I had been to the local garages the day before and they had sold out and were shut.

The week before we had camped outside the garage for an hour with a picnic and conversation to ensure we had had enough.

Now it appeared the option was either he could go to work, or I could go to my lessons.

Out of yesterday’s 5 I had one lesson which wasn’t online. He was a GCSE student and worst-case scenario I could ask to do it online as a one off.

Circumstances change and we need to be willing to change with them. There’s a saying that 

“Trees that don’t bend with the wind, won’t last the storm”

 It’s so very true.

We need our businesses to grow, adapt, develop.

When J was very young we used to regularly read a book: “All Change”. Maybe that was the best business lesson I have ever had.

Embrace change, for us it has opened so many doors in so many respects. Is there something you could do to change your business for the better?

Let us know, we’d love to hear.

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