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The goal: regain my time and sanity!

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I wanted to regain my time and sanity when I started tutoring back in 2012.

I had to work weekends and I wanted to spend my Saturdays with my kids. Not at work, doing a job I didn’t enjoy. I also wanted to put my brain to use.

For the previous 8 years I had been working in a variety of educational and childcare settings but when I lost the house in the divorce a year before I had given up the childminding business I had started. At the time I swore I would never run my own business or work with children again. So, I had taken a job in an opticians.

My role was pretty much to answer the phone: “Good morning, R…S…, can I help you?” “No problem, I’ll just hand you across to someone who can help”

The same scenario would play out if someone came into the shop: “hello, how are you? How can I help?”  “Two seconds and someone will be with you”

I was slowly going insane. Tutoring wouldn’t need to be that fantastic to improve my sanity. I just wanted to feel as if I was making a difference, spend more time with my kids and put my brain/degree/experience back to use.

Tutoring I hoped would be a side-line that could provide that.

10 years later I can hand on heart say that tutoring achieved that for me. I do work at weekends now but that’s because my kids have grown up and left home. If I need to I always finish early to look after Alfie if Clara and Dan need me. I can fix my diary. The hours I work are what suit me.

Is it time that you yearn for? Time with your family, to do your own thing, to not be plagued down with politics and paperwork?

Running your own tutoring business could give you back your time and sanity. It has worked for me.

We have decided to offer 10% off the Brand Associate Opportunity to celebrate 10 years of Clara James Tutoring until 15th March, Alfie’s first birthday.

You will still receive the full money back guarantee. (If you follow all of our systems and your business isn’t in the position we (you and I) expected it to be within 6 months you will receive every penny of your initial investment back).

For a limited time, it means you can invest in a Clara James Brand Associate Opportunity for just £895.50.

Maybe this will be the first step towards a full franchise.

Either way, I can almost guarantee that this will be a life changing decision for you and all of those that you support.

Interested, email me at [email protected] and we can arrange to have a chat


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