Is a Tutor the right it for your child ?

A wide range of people these days, with class sizes growing and the curriculum getting harder.

 More parents don’t feel capable in helping their child at home or when they have free time they want to enjoy fun activities with their children. 

So a tutor maybe the answer, you can book weekly hourly sessions or ad hoc to fit around school and family time.

Professional trained tutors identify a child’s weakness and take proactive steps to strengthen them.

This might mean going over maths problems a number of times, maybe they need help choosing the right books to read to help them improve English.

Tutoring can be a fantastic resource, providing encouragement and reassurance to pupils feeling overwhelmed by their schoolwork, and boosting the confidence of others that are doubting their own abilities,

When should you hire a Tutor ?

If your child is falling behind and needs extra help .

After all, it’s impossible for classroom teachers to give each child the attention he or she deserves, and if a method isn’t understood properly, or if reading or writing skills develop too slowly there’s very little that can be done in school to sort out the problem.

If your child is working towards a school entrance exam 

11+ English exams, a strong candidate might still not know how to echo the question, or how to analyse a simile, techniques that are required to achieve a top mark. 

To broaden your Childs education 

A tutor can be far more effective than a classroom teacher in that they don’t have to stick to a prescribed curriculum.

Whether you are a new or returning tutor, these strategies will make tutoring a productive and rewarding experience for you and your student(s).

Contact Dawn direct to find out more about becoming a Clara James Tutor.



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