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The 5 Reasons to become a tutor

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How tutoring can change your life in 5 steps

With so many changes taking place in the world right now, maybe you are looking for something new.
A new start. A brighter future. More time with your children.
When I started Clara James the decision to change my life had been taken for me but everything happens for a reason and it is definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to me (aside from my children: Clara, Jamie and Angel, the inspirations for the company name and logo).

When I started the business, I lacked confidence and any self-belief.

This was too extreme that I didn’t tell anyone I was tutoring in case they judged me and didn’t think I was capable. But I have learned that when you do something well, it is incredibly hard to keep it quiet.
Within 6 months of starting the business with nothing more than a dedication to doing it to the very best of my ability, the business became my fulltime job and has continued to grow.
These days, I am proud of what has been achieved. I have gained in confidence and have the faith in myself and the business to know that what we offer goes far beyond what most offer and it is worth shouting about.

Do you want to feel appreciated?

There are very few jobs where you experience genuine appreciation. Even if it is expressed by people, it rarely reaches the people it is meant for.
Tutoring is different. When you are tutoring you are working directly with the people who will benefit from the effort that you put in. I think this is one of the reasons my confidence has grown so much, since I started tutoring, I have had so many kind words of appreciation. At Christmas and at the end of the school year I have been showered with gifts and kind words.
You know that the effort you put in is making a difference because you can see the confidence and enjoyment build in those that you work with.
You are welcomed with a smile from the whole family because everyone can see what a difference you are making.
There is no other job like it!

Are you creative?

Not necessarily good at art but can look at things from various angles? Every child you work with is an individual and consequently you will need to think how you can best help that child. Is it with games, worksheets, both? Do you have suitable resources are is there something else that you could do instead? Are you willing to listen to ideas from those you work with, because often they’ll have great ideas?
Are you yearning for a job where you can express and implement ideas of your own? Tutoring would give you that opportunity!

Do you want to help children progress in their education?

It was estimated that this year tutoring would be a £123 billion worldwide business. Class sizes are getting bigger, the curriculum is getting harder, more children are recognised as having a learning difficulty. It was hardly surprising that tutoring was such a flourishing industry.
Then things changed, we were hit by a pandemic and schools were closed for months on end many children were deprived of an education.
Many tutoring companies collapsed during this time, whereas others have adapted and gone from strength to strength. And now, more families than ever are looking to those tutors for support to help their children catch up.
I received a text from a mum the other day after a lesson with a lad:

Thanks for yesterday xxx came downstairs on cloud nine because he now understands long division.

Days like this happen a lot. You genuinely make a difference to a child’s knowledge. With this you make a difference to their confidence. Then they are more willing to have another go, and this means they get more practice. More practice means they get better and it becomes a positive spiral of success.

Do you want to manage your own diary, be your own boss and make time to be with your own family?

One of the things that inspired me to start tutoring was that I could fit it around my 3 children. I could arrange my lessons so that they worked for me. I could always be there to take Jamie to rugby practice on Wednesday nights and watch the matches on a Sunday morning. I could reschedule lessons to fit in with their parent’s evenings. They were and still are my life. Making a life that fitted in around them would be a dream come true.

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