Sometimes it’s the little things…

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I hope it’s been a good week.

I was thinking about when I first started tutoring. For the first 6 months, I only intended tutoring to be something to subsidise my other wage. To help pay for holidays, etc.

However, within 6 months I gave the other job up to focus on the tutoring.

But back in those early days I would often have to sit up to the early hours of the morning, designing and creating resources. Sometimes the kids would stay up and help.

Board games would be made by hand, I didn’t realise somethings could be done on word and I had no idea about Canva…

I would create the lesson plan highlighting what we were doing, how and why. This would also document the resources I would need. This would then serve as a tick list to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

These days, I have created a catalogue of resources that I can use, to tweak and be inspired by.

It’s surprising what you can learn in 9 years. But often, when I look back, those were some of the most varied and inspired resources. I often still use them / adaptations of them today. The other day I found an A3 pad with adaptations for the dotty board game for every child I worked with so that it inspired a specific interest of theirs.

Extreme? Maybe but every child I worked with knew I had done it for them. Every parent recognised I genuinely wanted to make a difference for their child.

Sometimes it’s the little things…

Have a good week and warm wishes


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