Building a tutoring business is about breaking it down into small steps.

I was working with a child a couple of days ago as well, and we were doing, area under a curve. This is, basically, you have a curve and you split it into smaller sections to work out the area of each part. The more sections you split it into, the more accurate the area is. That set me off thinking, this does all link together, but it will seem a bit ludicrous to get us started, so with that part, the more sections you split it into, the more accurate your answer.

Then another thought came to me.

Years ago, when the kids were little, we used to go on holiday with friends. We were living in North Yorkshire at the time and we would drive down and meet them at the resort in France. We would start with our map, set off, we would argue along the route, we’d probably get lost a few times, take a few wrong turnings, but we would get there eventually.

Whereas the friends that we went with, they would have been organized in advance. They would have their route completely planned out, probably from AA Route Planner or something like that. This was the days before sat nav, but they would get there, and

they would be so much less stressed than us because they’d broken it down into little pieces.

That’s where I’m going to get to the point. Because basically, when you start a tutoring business, the more pieces you can break it down into, the more likely it is that your business is going to be a success. So rather than just jumping in and going, “Right, I’m going to be a tutor”, before you get that far, what you need to do is you need to think about

  • who do you want to tutor?
  • Where are you going to tutor?
  • Basically, who, where, why, when, how?
  • Who are you going to tutor?
  • Where are you going to tutor?

At the minute, most things have to be done online, but hopefully that’s not going to always be the case.

It may be that you’d rather travel to their home in time, or they would travel to you, or you’d rather work within a tutoring center, where you’ve got other tutors around for moral support.

  • How are you going to tutor them?
  • What’s your tutoring style going to be?
  • Are you going to use textbooks?
  • Perhaps you are going to use worksheets that you download from the internet?
  • Are you going to create your own resources?
  • Or, are you going to use a combination of everything?

Why do you want to be a tutor?

I mean, this sounds obvious… I’d like to make some extra money. Or is it because you have a passion and you want to support children in their learning and their education? Or is it just something that was recommended to you?

Is it that you’re a teacher and you’re fed up with the paperwork and the politics and everything else that goes on within schools?

Why do you want to build a tutoring business?

Because, what you need to remember is, although personally I love tutoring, it’s one of the best jobs things I’ve ever done, but there are still days when you can wake up and you think, “I just cannot be bothered today.”

Those are the days that you need a really strong why.

You need to know in your mind why you want to be a tutor, because you need something to get you up out of bed and motivate you so that when you’re standing on the doorstep or pressing play on Zoom, you can be sat there, with a smile on your face, looking enthusiastic, as if you actually want to be there, rather than looking like you really can’t be bothered today. So you need to know what your why is.

The other thing is when do you want to tutor?

At the moment, with children being homeschooled, if you’re available during the day, then they are available to be tutored during the day. But once they start returning to school again, are you happy to give up your weekends and give up your evenings to tutoring? Because that is probably when the bulk of your work is going to be.

I’m not saying all of it, increasingly I’m working with adults and I’m working with children during the school/office day, but there’s a high chance that you’re going to have to be prepared for the fact that you are going to have to commit to working some evenings, some weekends.

So the more you can break your initial plan down, the better your business is going to be.

And then as you move forward, once you’ve got that initial plan in place, you need to know your goals and you need to then break down exactly how you’re going to do that. What are you going to do to market your business, to get help you to get to those goals?

It’s all about setting goals, setting plans, breaking it down, and then taking small incremental steps to help you achieve those goals.

If you want help with starting your own tutoring business, we can help. That’s one of the things that we do through the Clara James Tutoring Brand Associate.

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