(The power of boosting confidence and praise)

I’ve mentioned before about staying in touch with parents when they get in touch about tutoring.

Each week we send out an email to parents offering ideas they can try at home to support their child with maths or English.

Here is an email I sent a couple of months back:

In the space of 2 days this weekend I had the same conversation with 2 completely unrelated mums. How important it is to build a child’s confidence when learning.

We talked about how a small increase in confidence can create such a huge contrast in their willingness to give something a go. How, when a child lacks confidence, it takes very little for them to believe that something is unachievable. Therefore there is little point in attempting it. Then, with just a slight shift, having a go seems less daunting and won’t lead to ridicule. It’s worth tackling it head on and seeing what happens.

With the other mum we spoke about how children are segregated according to ability at such a young age. The children who are regarded as being capable are then separated from the rest. Leaving the other children feeling like failures. We related it to the adult world and the world of work. If you had a company where 60 percent of the work force felt they weren’t capable, the company would quickly go to ruin and fail to succeed.

I apologise for waffling, but please, please do remember to praise your child when they succeed. It doesn’t matter how small the achievement was, acknowledgement of their success will help push your child forward. Giving them the confidence to have another go next time.

The same applies to us as tutors, no matter how small an achievement might seem, celebrate it.

It might be a word of congratulations to them at the time, a sticker, a word with the parents.

Never brush success under the carpet.

Have a great week and speak soon


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