What are prepositions?

Quite simply they describe where something is. So, for example you might say that:

A dog is under the table

The dog is near the chair

The dog next to the lamppost

Possibly, the easiest way to support your child with remembering prepositions is to encourage them to create scenes. These scenes could be like the ones I have mentioned above using soft toys, etc. Then ask them to write labels to describe the scene.

They may also create posters showing prepositional scenarios or write tasks for other people to try and create these scenes.

The bigger variety of resources they use in memorising what prepositional sentences are, the more likely they are to remember them.

Over in the Clara James Approach we have a variety of tasks and activities that you can use with your child to help them to learn different aspects of both maths and English.

You can HERE to learn more.

Alternatively, we have some great courses over on Udemy offering suggestions of activities that you can share with your child, such as this one: THE BEACH (which at the moment is available for free)

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