I hope it has been a good week. Last week I mentioned I was working with a new lad who is on the Autistic Spectrum. When I went in yesterday, I said to the mum that we would play the hour by ear. If he only wanted to concentrate for 10 minutes that was fine. If he concentrated for half an hour, that would be equally fine. As far as I was concerned there was no pressure to do a full hour. We could gradually build up to that…

I took a Mr. Tumble book with me as suggested by his mum and it was a hit. We had to keep going back to the image of Mr Tumble in the garden wearing a cap, but for a full hour he was captivated. After a short while he sat himself on my knee so he could grab my finger to point at the pictures.

Compared to last week where his only interest had been emptying out my bag, this was huge progress!

As I left, I was happy, his mum was happy, and the lad was still looking at the book (I left it with them to swap next week rather than upset him).

The next lesson I went to was with a girl I have been working with for years. She’s doing her GCSE’s now. Her mum is one of the nicest people ever. She always looks exhausted but there’s always a smile on her face and the time to catch up. Yesterday, whilst we were working there was an incubator on the table next to us and one of the eggs hatched. I couldn’t believe how big the chick was.

Today most of my lessons are back online.

I look at myself and I know that I am truly lucky on so many levels. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else with my life and know I would miss the children I tutor desperately if I did. Maybe the day will come when I tutor fewer hours, but I don’t think I would ever want to drop it completely.

Not many people enjoy their work, but I am genuinely honored, because hand on heart, I do.

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