How are you? I hope you had a good weekend. This weekend was lovely, the sun was shining (which in itself is unusual!), we had a trip to John Lewis on Saturday and got the car washed yesterday. Nothing exciting, just relaxed.

Yesterday I only had one lesson that wasn’t on zoom, so I walked around there. With the sun shining it felt more like being on holiday than walking to a lesson (except my bag contained Mr Tumble books, felt-tip pens and a couple of Mr Tumble colouring pictures, rather than swimming towels, suntan lotion and a good book…)

A few years back I went to a young lad to support him with basic phonics. We had a fishing game which involved picking up paper fish which had a paperclip attached with a magnet on the end of a piece of string.

This game was a favourite, however, one warm afternoon we did the lesson out in his back garden where it was a bit cooler.

He had his paddling pool out from earlier in the day.

I think you can possibly imagine where this story is going…

Fish belong in water and that’s where they ended up. It’s fair to say it was a very short game as wet paper, soggy fish don’t function well.

We scooped out the soggy fish and paper clips and diverted to drawing letters with water on the patio.

This is a job like no other.

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