Yesterday as we were walking back down the path to the house, we passed a baby hedgehog in the field. Mum picked it up and carried it into the garden as a lot of dog walkers pass here and we didn’t want it to get hurt. We gave it water and mealworms and it slowly seemed to regain its strength. A couple of hours later, by the time I got back from my last lesson, it had gone again.

I’m often asked if I can work with siblings together. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it’s a nightmare and it becomes a battle of trying to prove their skills against the other. It is very unlikely that you will work with siblings who have exactly the same ability, so often one is left feeling undermined by the other one’s knowledge/ ability.

Personally, I’d rather work individually for half the time and focus directly on each child’s needs rather than offer something that sort of suits both, regardless of the rivalry between them.

One time (going back several years), I worked with twins. Apart from their age they had nothing in common and clearly didn’t get on. Within a couple of weeks, they ended up shouting and crying because the rivalry between them was so rife!

 That was the last time we worked as a three…

Obviously, it’s not normally as bad as this. Siblings often get competitive but not to that degree. I worked with 2 sisters just before the first lockdown. They were different ages, but similar abilities. They worked really well together. Their personalities complimented each other. They were, however, the general exception to the rule.

How you broach this is obviously at your discretion but be aware if you are working on confidence as well as knowledge, siblings working together can be detrimental for one of them.

Have a great week and speak soon. Warmest wishes

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