How are you? I hope it’s been a good weekend. A belated happy Independence Day for yesterday!

A couple of years ago, I pulled up outside a home I go to. They live on a farm and the house is at the top of a slight incline with views for miles. It’s beautiful, however it appears it is also very blustery. As I opened the boot to get their folder out a gust of wind blew.

The top folder flipped open and the bits of paper (which I hadn’t attached into the folder) took flight…

The daughter, the mum and I, then took flight after them to try and retrieve the bits of paper as they carried away across the fields.

When you’re reflecting back, common sense tells you a simple lesson to learn there…

It’s surprising the things that you remember as you look back. The highs have definitely outweighed the lows.

Yesterday I was back with the little autistic lad. We spent much of the hour sitting on the stairs (place of his choice) looking at a Mr Tumble book. He has learned to say Mr Tumble and is clearly proud of himself. He grabs your hands and does the Makaton motion and says “Mr Tumble” as he does so.

I would like to learn basic Makaton, a new goal I have set myself. I learned basic British Sign Language a few years back as Jamie did it as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award and I went with him to the classes so that there were enough people for them to run.

Anyway, I’m waffling. Have a great day and speak soon, warm wishes.

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