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Monday’s Tutoring Memories – icy hills

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Icy hills and tutoring

One of the first lads I ever tutored lived in a village about 3 miles away from me. Not far and as a child I often walked from that village to the town where I now lived to save the 50p bus fare. I was saving for my first car.

The road up to the village was up a steep hill which had a spring about halfway up. The spring froze every year as soon as the weather turned bad. Many cars often found themselves in the ditch on such occasions.

I remember, the first winter after I started tutoring this particular lad, we had quite a bad spell or snow and ice.

The car I had at the time, although reliable, wasn’t designed for driving up icy hills. So, the family offered to come and collect me in their 4-wheeled drive because the lad didn’t want to miss out on his lesson.

I thought that was such a kind gesture.

It is often these small gestures that mean the most. It is small gestures which I think have made Clara James stand out. The little things, which individually mean very little but when added together make such a huge difference.

Taking your shoes off when you go into someone’s home. Taking the stationery and resources with you rather than expecting the family to provide it. Common sense? You would have thought so, but not every tutor does it.

There are obviously many more things that we do, but those are a couple of simple examples you could easily replicate in your business.

If you are looking to start or grow your own tutoring business, on the 12th September, 2021 we will be opening The Clara James Tutor’s Group.

Each month we will provide a piece of training to support you in growing your tutoring business.

There will be a Facebook group where you can talk to and involve yourself with others who are on a similar journey to yourself, involved in the same work that you are. Share ideas, support, and inspiration. Knowing that if we work together, we will all achieve our goals so much quicker.

Finally, a monthly co-working call where we will work alongside each other on our businesses. This will coincide with a Q&A, giving you the opportunity to get any questions that you have, answered.

The group will obviously be free for all Brand Associates and Franchisees.

For others, if you sign up before the group goes live, you can join us for just £9.75/ month, and this will remain fixed for as long as you stay in the group.

 If you join us as a founding member after that date, membership will be available for £17/month.

To join the lower price, founding members list, CLICK HERE

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