Some people you tutor will stay with you for ever.

Prior to Covid I used to tutor a lad in a local village. We started at 7:35 on a Sunday morning. It was early, but they were a family worth making the effort for.

There wasn’t anything I could pinpoint about what made them special, but they were.


The day she sent this as the Covid Lockdown was declared, it broke my heart:



I can’t believe that I’m writing this.

Given the announcement that the GCSE’s are not going to happen and grades will be based on

mock results and predicted grades

I think we will need to cancel the tutoring.

I am so so sorry

I do feel very worried about you and your income.

Given the uncertainty about exams I can’t imagine that many will be looking to keep tutors on.

How will you manage?

I also really didn’t want it to end like this without even saying good bye.

I’m really grateful to you for the support and help you gave to xxx.

I know that xxx has really benefitted from your help.

I don’t think there are many people that xxx would have got up to see at 7 am on a Sunday morning.

Please let me know how you are and I hope that you stay in touch

Many thanks and please take good care at this very difficult time


Looking back at this now, so much has changed. Covid gave me the opportunity to look at the business with fresh eyes and make it stronger and better than it had ever been before. Without Covid, I would never have offered a two-tier service. There would be no membership group due to start in the next couple of weeks. The Brand Associate wouldn’t be an opportunity, it would be a mere fantasy.


This summer has been busier than ever and September and beyond looks like it will continue in the same fashion.


I look at my life and realise how lucky I am in so many respects. I run a business I love. The people I meet are amazing. The appreciation you receive gives you a sense of pride, achievement, accomplishment.



Tutoring isn’t for everyone, but if you are considering it. It could change your life and that of all the people you work with.


On the 12th September we will be opening the Clara James Tutor’s Group. The membership group I mentioned a moment ago.

Each month there will be a new bundle of training to help you to grow your business.

A Facebook group where you can share ideas, celebrations, and ask questions of those travelling a similar path to your own.

Additionally, a monthly co-working call which will also offer you the opportunity to ask me any questions that you might have about tutoring.

Interested to find out more?

Click here


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