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Monday’s Memories – time with the dog

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I hope you had a good weekend.

One of the lads I now work with is the younger brother of a lad I worked with during lock down. A couple of weeks before we went into lockdown, they got a puppy.

The brother I worked with in lockdown used to make me laugh. He had no concept of time whatsoever, possibly because he is on the autistic spectrum.

Very often moments before we were due to log on, I would get a message asking if he could have a minute.

He would then vanish to play with the puppy. He would then reappear 10 minutes/ half an hour later.

Eventually, I realised he wanted to spend time with the puppy so I would have to suggest he did so after the lesson.

He was a really lovely lad. Some people you will always remember. He is one of them. People like him make the job so enjoyable.

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