Sometimes the best lessons aren’t the ones where something earth shattering happens, it’s not the ones where there’s a big event. It’s the one when someone asks you to do something, or you’ve taken something along and they clearly haven’t got a clue about.

You work through that thing together, and as she progressed throughout the hour you slowly start to see the recognition and understanding appear across her face. And then by the end of the hour they’ve got it. Something that previously they had no idea about, that was just confusing them. They now understand.

I think they are the best lessons.

Like I say, it is not the ones which have earth shattering events, it’s the ones where you can walk away at the end of it feeling proud that you’ve helped someone to understand something. They get it and it was because of you.

Like I have said before, that’s why I love tutoring, because you can make such a big difference.

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