This week’s Monday’s Memories are once again slightly different.

I’ve had a couple of conversations about this recently and in everyone (I think) I’ve explained about a scenario that occurred a few years back. Back then when the business was much smaller, a family asked me to help them to find a tutor to support their child  I didn’t have the time to fit them in as they lived about an hour away from here). I went onto a national platform to help them search. Nearly every profile I looked at took the form:

Hi, I am…
I have a degree in… from…
And I have …  years’ experience.
None of them said how they could support the child. It sounds harsh but when someone gets in touch for a tutor,

they don’t really care about you that much,

they care about how you can support their child/ them.

So, when you write your profile think about how you can stand out. Why they will relate to you over the many other people out their promoting their tutoring profiles.

Why you, why not me?

I mentioned in yesterday’s email that I’m putting a course together to help you to write a profile that will help you to stand out. To help you to create a profile that explains who you are AND how you can help them.

I will be able to create a free link for the course for the first 48 hours. If you would like access to it, please do let me know by emailing me, and I will let you know when the link goes live.

So, this week’s memory is one that has stuck with me for many years now and that is how most tutors don’t stand out.

Have a great week and warm wishes,


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