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Monday’s Memories – keep going

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When things are tough, keep going.

I was working with a girl yesterday. We came to an agreement that, although it is possibly too early to focus entirely on Christmas, we could perhaps incorporate 1 thing yesterday. 2 Christmas things next week, 3 the following week, etc.

It is a scary reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and then the beginning of another year.

A couple of years back just before Christmas, I met the lady who was designing my website for me at the time in Milton Keynes. We had a drink and discussed what was needed then I went for a mooch around the shops.

For years I have wanted a nice fountain pen. I’m not sure why, it’s just something that I have aspired to for years. I was stood admiring them in John Lewis when a member of staff said that they would be with me in “just a moment”. I tried to say that I was only looking and not to worry.

However, she didn’t hear me and came rushing back moments later.

That day I ended up spending £100 on a fountain pen. I had achieved a goal. I hadn’t intended fulfilling that goal that day, but I did. And it meant a lot because it proved to me the progress was making. I had been able to buy the pen and then not worry about how I was going to pay for it.

They say when you start a business it often starts by breaking even, then as you start to grow you may discover that you will make a loss for a while as your overheads increase. Then you will (hopefully) start to pull yourself back up and earn a profit again. It’s called the J curve and I was finally on my way back up.

As with most things, it’s never a straight curve but once you see it heading in the right direction, it will make it all seem worthwhile. The mistakes, the long hours, the crying into your pillow.

Keep going. Don’t give up.

Ask for help when needed but hold in there and remember that without the rougher times you wouldn’t get to enjoy the good ones.

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