Who is someone that is just a tutor?

I was thinking about what to write and cast my mind back to a training event I went on just before Christmas 2019. I was stood in the queue for lunch. A rather portly man joined the line behind me. I nodded said hello and asked if he was enjoying it. Yes, he was. Very informative. I asked what he did and he in turn asked what my business was. I explained that we were tutors who often worked with children with learning difficulties so as a consequence (and because I believe it’s the right thing to do anyway) we use a range of learning resources.

Proudly I announced that we had just, the month previously, finished the legal work to franchise the business.

He asked how many I had sold. I replied at that stage we hadn’t actually sold any.

Smugly, he announced: “so you’re nothing more than a tutor then!”

What is “just a tutor?”

Someone who brings confidence to another person in a subject that they previously lacked confidence in.

Someone who helps another person gain knowledge in something.

Is “just a tutor” someone who can make a huge impression on the route that someone’s life takes by helping them with this new confidence and understanding. Because that now impacts on other areas of their life.

If that’s what someone who is “just a tutor” is, then I’m proud to wear that title and I hope that you are too.

Tomorrow is our first co-working call/ Q&A over in the Clara James Tutor’s Group, don’t forget to let me know if you want to join us so that I can send you the link.

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