This is an email I sent out during lockdown. I’ve had a few issues with the website this weekend, but things are up and running again now. But having had those issues, it made me think of this email, I hope you it still proves valuable to you.

Have a great week:



How are you? I hope it’s been a good week.
I had a virtual catch up with a close friend this week. Although it’s lock down and we can’t go anywhere, do anything, there was so much to say.

But it was also nice to have a different conversation with someone. It makes such a difference to your sanity and enthusiasm.

I thought I would mention some points about having your own website. So, if you decide to go down the route of starting your own business it will hopefully offer you some guidance.


Do I need a website?

If you want this to be a business rather than a hobby, I will say, yes. It makes you appear professional and gives potential families somewhere to check you out before they get in touch.


When you first start the business, you may think that you don’t want to eliminate people before they’ve even got in touch. But, for those who contact you who don’t want what you are offering, it is wasting your time and theirs. If you provide tutoring in English and they are looking for History, you are never going to be compatible. If they are looking for a tutor for a 6-year-old and you specialise in supporting A’ level students prepare for university, you are not going to be compatible.


Bare this in mind because we are going to come back to this in just a moment, but before we do there are a few key points you need to consider when creating your website:


Make sure you own your own domain, and you have access to it.

Make sure you have access to the front end of the website.


I’ve made this mistake in the past. I’ve had websites built for me that I can’t tweak. Each time I’ve wanted to add a blog, change our pricing amend a typo you have to get in touch with the website developer to do it for you. Although something may be of paramount of importance to you, for them it will just be another job to add to their to do list and they will do it soon…

In the meantime, you’re stuck waiting…


God forbid, if anything happened to your website builder you would lose all access to website. I suppose it would be comparable to having a home but not having the keys to get in…


Have a back up to your website. If anything goes wrong, you need to ensure you can move it to a new server with little effort, quickly.


It’s all about been able to control the control-ables.


Next, we need to remember that your website is built for the benefit of the customer, not for you.
Is it easy for your customer to use?


We’re having ours tweaked at the moment to ensure it’s more customer friendly.


The first thing you need to do when your customer arrives is to STOP THEM FROM LEAVING!


We just one goal on each page. The less there is going on, the less confusion they will have about what you want them to do: sign up as a student.


There are 4 critical questions you need to ask:


Who is this website for?
What do you do?
Why should I, as a customer care?
What do I do now?


You have 7 seconds for the customer to answer these questions and decide whether they want to stay.


There are generally 2 styles of website design.

Those that look good and those that are functional.


As a general rule of thumb the more you bring beauty into your website, the less functional it will be…


When you make changes to your website, make small incremental ones. They are easier to monitor. Don’t knock the entire house down just to redecorate the front room!


Do it frequently, add posts, make changes so Google knows it’s active and keeps it ranking higher in the search engine. I normally try to add between 3 and 5 changes in the form of a new post each week.


Finally, measure and test everything so you know what is working.


If you do go down the route of building your own independent tutoring business, I hope this helps. If you join us as a franchisee or a brand associate you will get your own page on our website. If you want to write posts (blogs) that lead back to your landing page, that opportunity would be available to you.


There are some great website developers out there, there are also some real cowboys. When you start working with one, you will be spending a lot of money, so get testimonials from people there have worked with. Ask if examples they offer you provides evidence that the websites they design answer the 4 key questions.


Ensure they are using a commonly used platform and you have access to the front end so you can make tweaks yourself.


I hope this helps.

Warm wishes and keep safe.



If you decide to start your own tutoring business, but would like our support, details about the Clara James Tutor’s Group can be found here:


Details of the Brand Associate Opportunity can be found here: Get involved as a Clara James Brand Associate



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