Today’s memory is a fairly recent one.

I was working with a lad who has dyslexia. We were working through some work he had been set by school.

He announced that he had dyslexia and that’s why he finds it hard to read. Did I know that Einstein had dyslexia too?

I replied that it was something I had heard. So had many other successful people such as Richard Branson.

The lad asked who Richard Branson is. I explained that he was the founder of Virgin, Virgin airways, Virgin cola, Virgin holidays, Virgin TV, etc.

He sat and thought for a moment then asked: “So, all I need to do to be successful is to have long grey hair and be dyslexic”.

I said it was probably going to take more than that.

Then I mentioned that the founder of “Trunci” was also dyslexic. I think it was him who had stated that he felt a lot of his success was because of his dyslexia he hadn’t been able to do things himself. So, from a young age he had learned to delegate.

The lad turned to me and smiled. “Dawn, I delegate my work to you.”

Have a good week and speak soon.

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