I worked with the Aylesbury lady a few years ago now.

She wanted to go to Uni, but to achieve that she had to get onto the access course first.

That involved, amongst other things a maths exam.

She struggled with dyslexia and dyscalculia. When she got in touch at the beginning of the summer holidays, she had just sat the math exam and failed.

Aylesbury lady had asked if she could be given the opportunity to re-sit it. The college’s initial reaction was pretty much, she would be wasting their time.

She had argued her corner and they had relented. This was when she got in touch. If I remember rightly, I used to go around a couple of times a week. She would also spend a lot of time practising herself.

We would play games focusing on what she needed to learn. Occasionally, We did some more formal work, but predominately the maths was disguised in the game.

We had 6 weeks until she re-sat her test.

I have never met anyone who is as dedicated and hard working as she was.

At the end of the 6 weeks, she returned to college and resat the exam.

She passed with flying colours. I have never felt so proud of someone for what she accomplished that summer.

I supported her through the access course and at the end of it, she set off to uni to become an occupational therapist.

Apparently, she would sit there in the lessons feeling smug, knowing that the college staff didn’t think she had what was needed to get onto the course. But with pure hard work and dedication, she had achieved her goal.

A truly amazing lady.


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