I recently wrote a course on encouraging children to do their homework.

One of the comments I got back when I was asking for feedback was “I like the fact you asked children for their opinion”.

Thank you, but I took it from my perspective!

I am a firm believer that for learning to be effective, the child needs to be engaged.

How do we engage a child? We make it relevant to them.

I was recently listening to Tony Robbins, and he was telling a story about how his son had been doing well at school, so he took him to the toy shop and let him and let him choose anything that he wanted from the shelves. The young lad a chose a plastic rake.

His dad asked if he was sure that was what he wanted. Out of everything in this amazing toy shop, did he really want a plastic rake?

The boy’s reply was yes, because then they could share time together raking up the mud in the front yard.

Not what the dad, Tony Robbins would have chosen but it’s what his son wanted. The time together was more important that the monetary value of the rake.

In some respects, tutoring is the same. Offer them something they can enjoy. Something that resonates. Outline how you do something but then take it and play with it. Offer multiple games and activities.

Each time we do something we create a new memory. Do the same thing more than once you make that memory stronger, but your brain still only has one place it can go to where it can find the information that it needs.

Do a range of activities and you are making more memories, making the lesson more engaging.

Making the lesson more relevant.

This philosophy possibly entails more preparation, but as they say: “Perfect preparation prevents p**s poor performance”.

By putting the effort in at this stage, the lesson will go far more smoothly. Your lesson will be memorable like buying the rake to play in the mud.

This is the child’s time. Make it relevant to them.

(I use games and varied activities with children from 5 to 16, even with adults).

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