Looking for a tutor? We can help.

Pulling your hair out with homeschooling?

Trying to help your child with something you don’t really understand yourself?

Do you want to boost your child’s confidence with their school work?

At your wits end and decided now’s the time for a tutor?

Our approach to tutoring is different to many and I appreciate we are not right for everyone.

A background in early years and special needs taught me that we are all individuals. Regardless of our age or learning style we all learn best when we are relaxed, motivated, and inspired.

Each time we do something we create a memory. If we repeat a similar exercise, we make that memory stronger, but our brain still only has one place to go to where it can find that information when needed.

If we do multiple activities, we are creating more places that our brain can go to where it can locate the needed information.

Therefore, we use multiple learning resources in most of our lessons.

For example, if we are learning the times tables, we might play a snakes and ladders game where each square on the board has a different question related to that specific times table. We might play a noughts and crosses where each square of the grid has a different number. To claim our square, we have to multiply the number written there by the times tables we are focusing on. Other games may include pairs or connect 4.

These games are often adapted for other areas such as algebra or geometry.

English tasks might include drawing an image to illustrate a description provided in a book. Word searches, which high light the different techniques needed to write a story, newspaper article or maybe poem. We will also play pairs games to recognise the deferent terms and their definitions.

Every lesson is adapted to the needs of the individual, their starting point, goals and journey there.

Your first lesson is always 100% free

Lesson online are from £25/hour

When a tutor travels to your home, it costs as little as £35/hour.

We have tutors online, in Aylesbury, Thame, Birmingham and Newcastle.

If you are looking for a tutor and you want more information, get in touch on 01296 381665 or email: [email protected]

And we will do our best to help.

Such kind words so many years after her daughter finished her exams