A day in the life as a tutor

How my life as a tutor has changed over the past 9 years working as a tutor. When I first started, I still had my youngest 2 children at home, and I tutored alongside a full-time job.

When I first started, fortunately I only tutored a few hours a week. I would work an outside job from 9 until 6 then dash home to get ready to go out and do a couple of lessons.

The kids would turn the slow cooker on so that it was ready to eat when I walked in. The evenings would then consist of preparing lessons often with the kids helping me to make resources.

As my hours started to build on a Saturday, I would often have to sit up until the early hours to make sure everything was prepared ready for the next day.

It became a relief after 6 months when I had enough hours as a tutor to give up the other job. This meant I could dedicate my days to growing the business.

I could work on the business as well as in the business.

I could spend more time building the website, building my own knowledge and I also started a networking group for tutors in the local area, so that we could share concerns, resources, suggestions. It quickly became apparent though that this wasn’t something that many tutors wanted to do. So, it fizzled out…

These days things are completely different. The kids have left home so my only commitment other than myself and the business is my 3-legged dog, Snow.

The days start with a (very) short dog walk during which I will tell her my goals and ambitions for the day. Although she is clearly not interested and doesn’t respond, voicing them helps to solidify them in my mind.

I then split the day into 6 key parts:

  1. Preparing my lessons. This is much more efficient now as I have a catalogue of resources I can draw upon, though they may need to be tweaked for the individual the core work is complete meaning I can work far more efficiently.

Reading 20 pages of a non-fiction book.

I believe that by growing ourselves we will find it easier to grow our business. We will find knowledge and inspiration from others that we can draw on and use in our own business.

Every day I will complete a training module. This may be provided by one of the 2 mentoring groups I belong to. Or it may be an external one that I have felt would be beneficial in helping to grow the business.

Every day I ask myself, “what can I do today to help get me closer to my goals?”

This will be my main objective regardless of what else happens throughout the day. Some days it will focus on finding new students, sometimes finding tutors. Creating courses. Other times the focus will be growing the national brand through the franchise and the brand associates. Finally, it might be the membership group: “The Clara James Approach”. This is great when I am feeling bogged down as I find it more relaxing. A release, a sigh of relief.

Carrying out the lessons. Sometimes, especially whilst on lockdown these will take place sporadically throughout the day. Other days they will be bunched together into the morning or evening.

Before the end of the day, I always plan out my tasks for the following day. These will be taken from Asana. Every 3 months I write a list of my goals for the next 90 days. I then break these down into bite sized pieces. I can then drag these across into weekly goals and from there daily goals. On a night before I drift of to sleep, I visualise where I want to see the business go over the coming weeks/ months / years to keep me on track.

Obviously intertwined amongst this are the usual day to day activities, hygiene, eating, walking the dog.

Do I enjoy my life as a tutor?

No question. I love being my own boss, setting my own goals. Being creative and doing something that others benefit from.

Would I recommend life as a tutor to others?

Without a doubt.

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