Let me tell you a story.

It might be a story that started years ago, a story that is grounded upon a strong belief or series of events.

I think you probably know my story. I have told it many, many times.

The story of how I thought Clara was dyslexic and the school dismissed the idea as laziness. How I lacked the confidence to fight my corner so I learned as much as I could so that I could help her myself.

This was the beginning of a journey that has led me to building a successful tutoring business that I am proud of and now starting a new journey that focuses on supporting others in building their own successful businesses.

What is it that you tell parents when they ring and ask about tutoring? It might be a story about how your personal circumstances led you to building the business. It could be that you relate to the values of another tutoring business, so you joined them as an employee or a franchisee.

Either way you have a story. Who doesn’t love a story?

Most people will stop and listen if you tell them a story. But if you listed a set of facts about how you do things and why, you will find it far harder to find students.


Because those who get in touch will find it far harder to relate to you.

What is your goal? I hope it is support those who have an interest/ are struggling in the subject that you support. Support them so that they can learn, grow, improve.

Your story will explain this, your passion, your beliefs.

When you write your profile as a tutor or someone gets in touch, what does it say? Does it inspire people to want to learn more?

This month I am going to put two training bundles in the membership group:

How to write an effective profile as a tutor

The most important questions to ask a parent when they get in touch so that you can provide the best possible support.

You can check out the membership group here.

You will receive the first 3 months free, then just £17 a month

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