I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was amazing! I was away with the Hay for the weekend. I booked her a gin tasting workshop for her birthday back in June. At the time she was still living/ working in London and with Covid, this was the first opportunity we had to go. I don’t normally drink (the last time I had an alcoholic drink was on holiday 4 years ago) but it was an amazing weekend. I am now on cloud 9.

For it to snow yesterday evening was the icing on the cake!

A few years ago, as I drove to my first lesson there were a few snowflakes in the air. Nothing to get concerned or excited about. (I love the snow. If I was to have a holiday home anywhere in the world it would be Finland).

As we worked through the lesson the snow picked up momentum. It went from being ting flakes like someone sprinkling salt to big white flake. Within a short while we were admiring how their lawn was slowly starting to turn white. Not long later we were in awe of the fact that the flower boarders no longer showed and how strong that single solitary apple was to hang on to the branch of the tree outside the window.

By the time I left the road had vanished under a soft, pure white blanket of snow. It looked amazing but the road had vanished. I collected Clara from her work which I passed to get home and spent the following 90 minutes doing the 20-minute drive home…

These days we would provide an online lesson instead. Often things change. The past year has taught us that. We often need to change and adapt with them so that our businesses can continue to go from strength to strength.

If you need any help in growing/starting your business, do get in touch and I promise I will always do my very best to help.

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