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It’s good to share

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There’s a company here in the UK that use the slogan: It’s good to share or talk or something like that.

Yet, there seems to be a pact amongst tutors that you don’t tell share your knowledge or practices with anyone. The logic is that they might pinch all your ideas, then all your students and then take full credit for it all.

I can see the logic, but I’ve learned that the more you share, the more the work comes in.

When I did the due diligence for franchising the business, I got in touch with several tutor franchises to see what they did, and I learned a lot. There weren’t any I copied outright, but several that I was grateful I didn’t do and some I tweaked and incorporated to suit my style.

But learning from each other is how we grow and improve.

When a parent gets in touch, I chatter away about how we do things / why we do things that way. I explain about how I thought Clara was dyslexic and how that has influenced our techniques, beliefs, methods.

Yes, this might be another tutor having a sneak peek into how we work, but it’s my story. They will have their own story. They will have their own influences.

Maybe they will take some inspiration from what I say and will use it for the benefit of those they work with. In turn, our practices will help more people.

Surely that is the end goal, to support as many children as we can in growing their confidence.

I have several tutors who work with me. I also tutor at full capacity, but I can’t keep up. For every person we support another one or more is recommended. The result is a snowball effect. So, if I can help more tutors support more students, surely that’s a good thing because we can’t do it all ourselves.

I also feel that the more information we give, the more we will be recognised as being knowledgeable experts.

Who would you like to have support your child, the tutor that talks you through how they do things and why? The one who is open with their knowledge and happy to answer any questions. Or the person who won’t share anything with you until you have signed on the dotted line…

I could jabber on about this all day, but I will leave it there.

After conversations the other day, I’ve decided to change the training for the October bundle in the Membership group. The focus now will be the key information you need to gather when someone gets in touch.

It’s good to share, together we can grow and be the best tutors that we can possibly be.

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