Like any business in order to make tutoring profitable you need to know your numbers.

I am not an accountant, so I am purely writing from the experience I have gained over the past eight years of running, Clara James Tutoring, my own tutoring business.
In order to establish a profitable business, you will need to ensure the service you are offering will be of a high enough quality that you will be able to rely upon referrals and the loyalty of the families who start with you. The benefit of tutoring is that you are in the fortunate position that once you are established your marketing expenditure will be fairly low, if you have established a good reputation.

What expenses will you incur as a tutor?

As a tutor what costs will I entail?

The following examples are taken as averages from my weekly accounts.

I work (on an average week before lockdown) approx. 32 hours a week as a tutor (I then work additional hours on admin, marketing, the franchise, training and membership aspects of the business).

Our business model (before lockdown) involved providing bespoke, high quality tutoring in the comfort of the child’s home. Our mission statement splits into 2 halves:
What would the best tutor in the world do?

What can I do today, to improve what I did yesterday?

how can I grow my tutoring business

Going forward we will be offering a two-tier service where we also offer online tutoring. The expenses for this will be slightly less as we won’t have travel expenses.

Average weekly expenses:

What expenses can I expect to have as a tutor?

Travel costs (petrol, MOT, servicing, car tax, insurance) £60
Stationery and other resources £20
Marketing: £200
Training: £150
Website/ IT: £75
Bank charges on a business account £12

Total weekly costs: £517/ week
This translates to roughly £2068/ month

My Income at 32 hours / week at approx. £35/hour = £1120

This translates to approximately £4480 (providing nobody cancels).

That translates to a profit of roughly £580/week or £2320/month. You would need to deduct your wages from this.

An additional stream of income could come through employing additional tutors to work for you. This will affect your insurance and you may need to take on someone to do your payroll (I pay approx. £18/month for this). However, if they are paid approximately £22/hour you will earn an additional £13 for each hour that they work.

This will have a dramatic affect on the profitability of your business.

You may find it is better value to tutor through a franchise depending on what their franchise fees cover (marketing, websites, training) in comparison to what they charge.
For example, our franchise fees cover all the necessary training (though if you want to do more that would be an asset to your personal business) in addition to bi-weekly phone calls, annual one to ones, newsletters, training manuals (click here to find out more).

Our franchise fee is £37.50/ week which would be a saving of over £100/ week (£400/month) on what I typically pay.
Our marketing fee is £62.50/week (+ any additional spend you choose to spend on your business). A saving of £137.50 / week (£550/month).

Other franchises will obviously have differing fees and offer different things for this. You would need to check them all.
In addition, if you did decide to go down the franchising route there would be an initial investment to take into consideration.

Is tutoring profitable?

Yes, it can be. I’m not saying it’s easy but if done properly it can be very rewarding both financially and emotionally.

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