How tutoring changed my life

Tutoring has changed not just me as an individual, it has changed my life.

Whenever I tell the story about how I got into education and in particular learning styles and learning difficulties, I always relate it back to Clara.

When she started juniors, I thought she was dyslexic, but her school fobbed me off. At that time, I wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Offending someone, was something that terrified me. Who was I to question a teacher?

I decided that if they wouldn’t help her, I would do everything in my power so that I could.

Turn the clock forward several years and wrote my first profile as a tutor. My husband and I were going through a divorce and my confidence and happiness were at an all-time low.

I wrote my background of working in a range of educational settings, my understanding about learning. My interest in dyslexia. It was an honest and open account.

Apart from this one profile on a national website, I didn’t do any other marketing. I didn’t want people to know what I was doing. I didn’t want people to judge me. Failing at this and as a wife wasn’t something I could bare.

Within a couple of weeks someone got in touch and I started tutoring. Then someone else, and another person. I quickly learned the reason people were getting in touch was people I was getting talked about.

My reputation was growing even though I had tried to keep it quiet.

No matter how much you put yourself down, when you are constantly been thanked and told what a difference you have made to someone else’s confidence and ability, it becomes hard not to believe it.

Slowly over the years, I listened more and more. I heard stories about what other tutors were doing and realised that what we were offering was in a different league.

We started to grow as a company. Others came on board and followed my systems and resources. The praise grew. My confidence grew.

We started getting nominated as finalists in National entrepreneurial awards.

Instead of keeping what I was doing quiet, Telling the world became a priority. I had found my pride, my confidence, my self-respect.

Tutoring pays well. However, It is unlikely you will ever become a millionaire because of the work you do as a tutor. However, the pride and confidence you receive is like no other. The gifts and appreciation, the letters of thanks. It changes you. It changes your life.

If becoming a tutor interests you and you want help to get started and support you along the journey, we can help.

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