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How to become a Brand Associate

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Have you thought of being a Brand Ambassador ?

Tutoring can be a lucrative side business that you can grow into full-time income. There are several advantages to starting your own tutoring business, like a flexible work schedule and low upfront costs.

If you want to apply your knowledge to help students achieve their academic goals, consider channeling that passion into learning how to build a business.

1. Identify your client

You should start out by deciding who and what you want to tutor, since deciding who you want to sell your services to influences your entire business plan. Here are some questions you should ask about your ideal target client:

Which grades do you want to tutor? The subject matter and teaching style for a high school sophomore will be different from a college freshman or a middle schooler, for example.

Do you want to tutor for a specific test? Many tutors specialize in a lucrative niche (more on this below).

Do you prefer group tutoring or one-on-one? Depending on your preference, you might want to tutor in mini-classes or work with more one-on-one sessions.

Do you want to tutor locally or online? Decide whether you prefer working only with local clients or if you’re comfortable tutoring online, often via video chat.

3. Choose a tutoring business model

There are a few different business models you can choose from when starting your tutoring business. These include:

Buy a tutoring franchise: If you prefer to operate within an existing business model, you can consider joining a tutoring franchise, like Clara James Tutoring.

Run a home-based tutoring business: This option is great if you are looking to keep startup costs down. You can designate space inside your home to use as your tutoring space — and if that’s all the space is used for, some things related to that space could be tax-deductible. Be sure to read the specifics so you don’t end up paying more in taxes, or fines, later down the road. As a home-based tutoring business, you can decide whether you’ll meet clients in person at your home or whether you’ll run an online operation.

Be a traveling tutor: If you don’t feel comfortable putting your home address out there, you could decide to travel to your client’s home for tutoring sessions. This could also increase your attraction with parents since they won’t have to take time out of their busy schedule to drive their children to lessons. Your mileage or other travel expenses could also be another tax deduction.

Starting a tutoring business can be a great way to expand your teaching expertise and make more profits while also positively impacting your community.

With such an increasing demand for tutors!

So you have finally decided that starting your own tutoring business is perfect for you! But…

  • How do you even go about starting a tutoring business?
  • How do you get students for your new venture?
  • How do you set yourself apart from your existing competition?
  • If these are your burning questions, we’ve got you covered!
  • Try out these simple steps to set up a tutoring business of your own:
  • Identify your niche
  • Perform market research and competitor analysis
  • Choose the right setup for your business
  • Set your pricing plan
  • Establish a legal business entity
  • Keep a check on finances
  • Establish your presence online
  • Get your initial students
  • Create reference materials for your class
  • Maintain good relationships with parents
  • Gather the right tools for your private tutoring business
  • Now that we have divided the game plan into eleven easy steps, let’s get started by taking one step at a time!

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