One of the pit falls often perceived with tutoring is suffering the summer slump. For weeks or months you have been rushed off your feet. You dream of having a break, but the work keeps coming in. And then suddenly nothing. Silence.

How can you survive with no money coming in for the full duration of the summer?

Here are 5 suggestions that I would like to recommend that I have started implementing over the summer months:

  1. Online courses

This is something I started doing last year. I created a course called: The Beach which I occasionally charge a small amount for, other times I keep it as free. I then promote it through my social media platforms and Udemy.


Three reasons:

  1. It gives people an insight into how we do things. Our philosophies and resources. It gives them an indicator as to whether we would be someone they would turn to as tutors.
  2. Creating courses like this raises our profile, which in the longer term will create more work for us.
  3. It generates an income. The more you promote it, the higher the potential for that income to be. You could leave it and let Udemy work their marketing magic, but they will take more commission and it will take longer for you to see the benefits of it.
  • Summer intensive programs

Again, this was something I put together last year. In this area we have the 11+ so, I used that as my focus. Each week I offered the parents a new set of resources and a weekly zoom call. In addition, they had access to a Facebook group where they could also access our help.

Obviously, the 11+ may not be suitable for you but you may choose to offer something like “Spruce up your Spanish” “Get to grips with something scientific” “Learn the times-tables without the tears” or whatever is suitable for you.

  • Selling your resources on platforms such as Etsy, Gumtree or Ebay

Another option is to package up the resources you use into bundles (providing they are resources you have created yourself) and promote them for sale on the platforms that I have mentioned above or through your own social media. I’ve often promoted it with a competition to raise awareness.

  • Focus on getting next term’s students in

I appreciate this won’t create an instant income stream, however if you can spend your time raising your profile over the summer, it does mean that when schools restart and life returns to normal people are already aware of you. You are already loitering in their subconscious. You’re not an unknown entity (That’s ironically, why this is such a good time to start a tutoring business). Being proactive now, pays dividends.

  • Tutoring for charity

A few years back we carried out “Tutoring for Charity”. I found an inexpensive venue and offered 3 dates when we would tutor the child for an hour (several sessions were offered throughout the days). The investment to be made for the parent was to be a donation to our chosen charity. On those 3 days we made very little, maybe about 50-£100. However, we promoted what we were doing on the local radio, newspaper, social media, etc and it created a lot of momentum and generated several new starters. That hadn’t been our goal, but it proved to be a major success.

  • Enjoy the time to recharge your batteries!

The final suggestion and although not always possible, just appreciate the opportunity to take your foot of the accelerator, recharge your batteries and enjoy the break. That way when you start again in September you feel refreshed. Enthusiastic. Motivated.

Those three things will help your business so much in the following months that you may find that break will in the long run pay for itself.

I hope these ideas have offered you some inspiration. Often the best ideas come from “thinking outside the box”, something I have always enjoyed doing. If you have any questions, please do ask. I’m here to help.

We are still offering the Brand Associate opportunities for £497 but that offer will be finishing soon.

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