How much does it cost to become a tutor?

How much does it cost to become a tutor is a difficult question to answer.


Because it depends on your goals and aspirations.

If you are purely looking to spend an hour or two a week supporting friends and family members, the start up fees could be quite small.

However, if you are looking to make a profitable business, the following expenses will give you an idea of what I encountered starting Clara James Tutoring.

Because of the state of the world as I write this (January 2021) and most people are on lockdown, I am going to presume that your lessons will take place online.

If you are going to tutor in the physical world, you will need to incorporate the cost of creating physical resources (so potentially a printer, paper, stationery, etc).

Back to the question how much does it cost to become a tutor?

Your key expenses are going to be in:

  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Resources and other bits

The marketing cost to become a tutor

You can grow organically. It will be slow, and it will take a lot of physical time. But if you start telling people what you are doing and how you are doing it word will spread. You can create a Facebook business page and start posting on there, creating images in Canva for free so that they look professional.

However, this will be slow and what you’re not investing in money will need a huge investment of time.

There are somethings that can be done for little expense, but have great returns on your investments:

Magnets on the side of your car. 6 years ago, I was parked on someone’s drive whilst tutoring their daughter math. The mum popped her head in the door and said, her husband was home, but she was off out for dinner with friends.

I said, I hoped she enjoyed herself and I would see her next week.

The following day, I had 2 phone calls. One from each of the friends she had been out to dinner with. They had seen the magnets on the side of the car, and with sons of the same age, asked if I could tutor their son’s as well.

I still tutor the younger brothers of 2 of these 3 families, but they have also passed my name on to so many other families the initial cost of the magnet has now paled into insignificance.

I was parked in a local carpark a couple of years back when a lady approached me and asked for details about the company. A year later, she phoned. They had moved away with her husband’s work but were now back. Could I support her daughter for her GCSE’s?

We also have personalised bags and stationery. Again, these only cost a pound or two each and get noticed. Nevertheless, they often need to be purchased in bulk making it quite a large initial outlay.

Google Adwords and Facebook ads can have a budget set at your own discretion, for these you are potentially looking at a minimum of £60+ /month (probably closer to £10/month for Google Adwords).

One of the best purchases I have made over the years has been having my own website. People can find us, learn about us, get to know us and decide if they like us, before they ever need to get in touch.

A website is a large investment. You are probably looking at approximately £1.5k to get it built, then you need to pay for the annual hosting fees (I pay £100/month for this). Some plugins will also have an annual /monthly users fee attached to them.

Again, you will need to spend time on your website updating it to ensure that Google knows that it is still live and active, or it will plummet in the Google Rankings and be much harder to find when people search for a local tutor.

The training cost to become a tutor

This will depend very much on your background and previous experiences. Over the years I have spent a lot of money on various training courses, mentors, books, training events, etc. On average, this probably costs me more than £7,000/year. But personal development of some degree is essential regardless of how long you have been in education or business. They say that the most important part of growing a business is growing yourself.  

What I pay towards courses, mentors, etc is very little compared to many. Some people will pay several thousand a month. But again, like most things, this is at your discretion and my expenses are purely to offer you an idea and some guidance.

The resource and other costs to become a tutor

There will always be incremental other costs to take into account:

  • An accountant and maybe a bookkeeper
  • Bank fees for have a business account
  • If you are making resources like I said earlier, you will potentially need a printer, ink, paper. Pens, pencils. A4 pads for writing in. A diary or planner to keep stock of your lessons and other commitments.
  • Storage for keeping your resources and training/books in.
  • Transport between lessons.
  • Internet access, a laptop or computer, a phone.

These are just a tip of an iceberg, but it will hopefully give you an idea to get started.

In November 2020 we decided to create the Clara James Tutoring Brand Associate opportunity.

The idea was, with a small start up investment of just £995, it gave you

  • the initial one to one, bespoke training needed to get started.
  • The opportunity to have a page on the website would eliminate the need to create your own website. You could still post blogs (though they would have to meet certain criteria) that would point back to your personal page.
  • You could use the “Clara James Brand Associate” Branding giving your business greater publicity and credibility.
  • Fortnightly we could have a phone call/ zoom call to answer any questions that you had or look at what you needed to do to gain more students or take your business to the next level.
  • It would still take effort, but you would have our guaranteed help, every step of the way.
  • Then each milestone your company reached would gain you credits towards the cost of a full franchise if you ever chose to go down that route.

There is a monthly investment of £150/month, but if you found that after 6 months your business wasn’t in the place you hoped it would be even though you had done everything that we suggested to grow your business, you will get the full initial investment back. No questions asked.

This isn’t available to everyone as we have to protect the reputation we have built up. We recognise that in the same way we’re not right for everyone either.

We also have a restricted number of training courses available because of them being run one to one rather than in a large group, where one course is designed to suit all.

So, if you are interested, GET IN TOUCH NOW!

Email me at [email protected] so that you don’t miss out

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