Let the bee out of the window!

I could explain about the different learning styles and how we store information in our brain.

But that would be the same as every other post you might read on how we can help our children to learn.

For over 20 years now I have worked in educational and childcare settings with a specific interest in learning difficulties.

What I have learned is that every child is different in how they learn.

However, what I have learned is that repetition and variety are key.

Games are a key way we can help our child learn.

The thing with games is that they are easy to repeat as most children enjoy learning when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. 

What’s more, each time we do something new, we create a new memory. 

I like to explain it as there’s a bee buzzing at the window trying to get out. If we do one activity, we open the window for that bee just a small amount. We are providing your child with one, fairly small place where their brain can go to, to help them recall that piece of information. Each time we repeat that activity we open the window a little bit more. We make that memory a little stronger.

If we do a second activity, we open a second window. Providing a second place for the brain to go to where it can find the desired information. Each time we repeat the activity we open the window wider.

Each time we create a new activity we are offering a new place where our brain can find the information that it needs (providing more exits for the bee) and making that memory stronger (opening the window wider).

Not every child learns with text books and worksheets.

We have recently introduced the Clara James Approach which offers you a wide range of resources. the alternative resources that you need.

The Clara James Approach provides monthly bundles of creative resources all in one place. To help you achieve just that.

To find out more, read on.

If you’re a mum who spends hours scouring the internet for ideas that you can download, we hope that this will save you time. Making your life more efficient.

My children are older now. As I write this, I have my phone next to me waiting for the call. My oldest Clara is due to have her first baby in the next few days.

But when they were young there was nothing, I enjoyed more than spending time with them. I was once told that everything I did with them had to be educational. It wasn’t intended that way. I just enjoyed getting the paints out, reading books with them, playing games.

If we went for a walk, we would look out for various numbers or letters in the environment. The local library used to offer a weekly story time. They would read the children stories then afterwards that would provide the theme for pictures to colour and things to make.

I appreciate it probably was predominately educational, but the kids loved it and I met mums who had similar interests to my own. I made some really good friends.

Around this time, I started my journey into the world of education. It started with a Diploma in Pre-school practice. Then a degree in childcare and education through the Open University.

My main interest was learning styles and learning difficulties. I believed Clara was dyslexic, but her school dismissed the idea. So, alongside my degree I set about learning as much as I could so that I could help her myself.

Nearly everything I learned stated that learning needed to be creative.

The child needed to be relaxed and engaged on multiple levels.

I felt that this attitude would be beneficial to any child. Not just those who learned in different ways. 

You probably agree?

What I have also found (after being involved in educational settings for over 20 years now) is that games and creative tasks offer repetition.

If you asked your child to read a book they struggled with, more than once, or do a work sheet more than once, they probably would resist.

However, if you were to ask your child to play a game with you again, or paint another picture, bake another pancake, they would probably do so with enthusiasm.

This repetition strengthens the memories needed to help the child recall the information when needed.

When your child is faced with a test or something else that worries them their brain will often not think logically. It’s a bit like a bee flying around trying to find the open window to get out of.

Recalling information works in a similar way when we are stressed.

If you are like I was, you want your child to do well.

You don’t want to be a pushy parent, but you want them to enjoy learning and reach their full potential.

If they are still at primary school, you may not want to embark down the road of tutoring, but you need something.

Something that will save you time from having to find resources yourself to use.

The Clara James Approach offers you access to a monthly bundle of resources based on a specific theme.

So, for example in January we may look at negative numbers. You can access some examples by clicking HERE

Below are just a couple of examples of the snow inspired activities.

We also had word games based around Polar Animals.

The Clara James Approach is just £12 a month. There is no contract, so you can leave at any time.

Are these bundles something you can see your child enjoying?

If the Clara James Approach is for you here is the link to where you can join:


Each month there is a new bundle of resources added to support your primary aged child.

You can also join us in the Facebook group where you can chat and get inspiration from other likeminded mums. I’ll also be in the group to answer any questions and to ensure that if there are any specific bundles you want producing, we can do all we can to implement them for you.

If this is something that you and your child would benefit from,

join us here:

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Join the Clara James Approach by clicking here

If you want more support and have a question, please do contact me by sending an email to: [email protected]

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