I recently saw a Facebook post asking for help with reading and comprehension.

Her son’s school had said that he needed to make more of an effort with reading and it was her responsibility over the summer holidays to help him. Did anyone have any ideas on how she could do this?

Since the business was started, we’ve being playing a game I call the dotty board game. On a piece of paper draw 18 dots. These need to be divided into 3 different colours. So, for example, there might be 6 red dots, 6 yellow dots and 6 blue dots.

Then think of 6 forfeits. Things such as: have another go, miss a go. Go forward 3 spaces, go back 6 spaces. Read another page, or the other person reads. Number these 1 to 6.

You may decide to make the board more personal to you. Perhaps use images of your faces, your favourite animal, a sport you like, or even an image from the book, etc.

To play the game each of you chose a different colour or image. For the sake of this example, I’ll be yellow, you can be red. You can move in any direction around the board, but you can’t change direction halfway through a go. If anyone lands on a yellow, I will have to read a paragraph/ page / or whatever is appropriate.

If anyone lands on a red, you will read.

When someone lands on a blue you roll the dice again and that dictates the forfeit.

Then after every few pages there would be various tasks to answer. It might be something like draw the character, a timeline of events. Find certain verbs from the chapter and use them to play battleships or hide them in a word search. The list of activities you could use are endless, but hopefully this will have offered you some inspiration.

I’ve put some of the tasks from some of the books we have used within the membership group. If you need some inspiration pop across and see what you think:

Clara James Approach

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